A patented cleantech mineral technology

COVERSAFE is made of a polyolefin film that integrates into the mass the unique and natural antimicrobial technology of PYLOTE.

This breakthrough technology is based on mineral ceramic microspheres with remarkable antimicrobial properties, manufactured by pulverized pyrolysis™️ (a patented and exclusive process) through a “cleantech” process.

These mineral spheres act as a catalyzer providing microbial decontamination of surfaces and a permanent and stable protection against microbial contaminations with a very high level of safety, efficiency and hygiene during the entire life of the product.

The Antimicrobial Natural Protection technology of PYLOTE works as a protective shield that significantly and permanently reduces surface contamination.

Antimicrobial Natural Protection technology

A proven antimicrobial activity

Rapid, stable and permanent action with efficiency tested in independent laboratory on SARS-CoV-2 (96% in 1h) and on bacteria (>99,999% in 24h) as well as in real conditions with wide people circulation.

The mineral microspheres generate Reactive Species (by catalysis with the air humidity) that is going to destroy by oxidation the microorganisms. This type of mechanism is particularly found in the defense system of the human body.

As a result, the start of antimicrobial activity is immediate and lasts indefinitely, as the mineral microspheres are never consumed. Watch our videos.

Examples of Viruses and Bacteria neutralized by PYLOTE technology

Antimicrobial Natural Protection technology 96% SARS-CoV-2


After 1 hour

Antimicrobial Natural Protection technology 99% efficiency

E. Coli, Salmonella

After 24 hours

Antimicrobial Natural Protection technology 99% efficiency

Rotavirus, HSV-1

After 24 hours

Antimicrobial Natural Protection technology 99% efficiency

S. Aureus, Listeria

After 24 hours

A 100% natural and safe technology

• 100% mineral, natural and biocompatible technology: no danger for the skin: Non cytotoxic (ISO10993-5), non-irritating (ISO10993-10)

• Technology listed as Food Contact according to EU Regulation 1935/2004.

• Efficacy validated for more than 4 years without loss of effectiveness

• Resistant to the most aggressive disinfectants/detergents

• Positively listed on international pharmacopoeias

• Patented worldwide, from process to application

COVERSAFE™Products based on metal ions (e.g. silver)
Without metallic particles YES NO
Without nanoparticles YES NO
It works on bacteria, viruses and molds YES NO
Works for over 4 years without losing efficiency YES NO
Food contact listed and certified YES NO
Not resideue on skin - not cytoxicity YES NO
The active ingredient is not consumed YES NO
FDA GRAS certified YES NO
Selfadhesive foil YES YES