COVERSAFE™ is partner of Ski World Cup

There are only a few days left to the start of Audi FIS World Cup in Jasná. As a proud official partner, we are very pleased to contribute to strengthen COVID measures during this prestigious event. With no doubt, our mission is to create the safest – possible conditions for all participants of the event.

Igor Klein, GERGONNE SLOVENSKO General Manager explained this partnership cooperation.

“We are pleased to be able to present the unique antimicrobial self-adhesive film COVERSAFE™ in Jasná as the first and so far the only resort within the World Alpine Skiing Cup. Thanks to the partnership, the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Jasná 2021 event will become one of the safest of the World Cup series. We hope that we will contribute to the creation of safe conditions for the competitors, the organizers, the representatives of the FIS and also other partners of the event. At the same time, we believe that our partnership will not be one-off and we can build on its possible cooperation in one of the other events held in TMR ski resorts or events at the international level covered by the FIS organization.

COVERSAFE™ film, installed in the Jasná resort, remains in place even after the event. In the future, it will protect all visitors after its possible re-opening. Our mission is to create a safer world around us. We protected the World Cup in Jasná today, but other resorts and events remain.“

Michal Lacko, marketing & PR specialist for COVERSAFE™ informed about protected facilities of the event.

“Regarding protected facilities, all contact areas in the red and blue zones, located in the Grand and Pošta hotels, are installed. These are areas reserved for athletes and FIS officials. As part of the partnership, we took care of increased security in the restaurant and hotel lobby. We have not forgotten about the journalists either and we treat more than 106 tables from where they will convey all information during the event. Also, comprehensive installation of the premises of the Von Roll restaurant in Lukova is being completed, which will serve as a team hospitality area which is a space intended exclusively for athletes and their teams during the race. Accompanying installations of contact areas in the Crystal Bar and the press center at Koliesko are also provided Last but not least, we also think of the people behind the scenes and employees of TMR. We are very happy to contribute to strengthen Covid measures during the event of the World Championships. We strongly believe no complications occur.”

The sales manager Zuzana Macíková further explained efficiency of the COVERSAFE™.

“The key factor I would like to emphasize is that our foil eliminates SARS-COV2, which causes COVID-19. The laboratory results prove that it eliminates 96% of this virus within 1 hour on any surface.  This is very important for safety of this event as current epidemiologic situation in Slovakia is very difficult.

Also, very important is self-cleaning feature of the foil which lasts up to 4 years. If needed, it is possible to wash the foil with liquid disinfectants anytime during the event without any influence on its effectiveness against pathogens. The foil is almost invisible thus it won’t disturb the event or its participants in any way. The blue sticker remind that it is applied on the surface. I am very happy that we can contribute with this revolutionary way to increased safety during the World Cup“.