COVERSAFE™ protects Imedica Ambulatory

COVERSAFE™ newly protects Imedica Ambulatory in Liptovský Mikuláš, which specializes on gynecological care.
The ambulatory representative, MUDr. Andrea Žideková has got interested in COVERSAFE™ due to current epidemiologic situation. She noticed that COVERSAFE™ was already installed in the area of Liptovský Mikuláš. The laboratory proven results of COVERSAFE™ which were gathered on door handles and railings in the area raised her interest to know more about the antimicrobial film.

Microbes comparison (Coversafe surface result at left; uncovered surface at right)
Microbes comparison (Coversafe surface result at left; uncovered surface at right)

Thus, she asked for additional materials to study and decided to use a consultation with specialists from Gergonne Slovensko to get a deeper insight into the COVERSAFE™ film. The knowledge about how our antimicrobial film destroys bacteria and viruses, easy application and over 4 years efficiency were key factors why the ambulance decided to install COVERSAFE™. Despite the fact that ambulatory already invested in patients’ safety by regularly treating area with ozone, cleaning disinfectants and temperature measure, they decided to increase part of the measure by application of antimicrobial film on door handles and tables.
MUDr. Žideková highlighted the revolutionary protection by COVERSAFE™ , mainly its antimicrobial protection, safety for humans and environment as well as its resistance against disinfection liquids. The ambulatory is pleased to strengthen anti-covid restrictions and increase safety for its patients by COVERSAFE™.

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