ČSOB protected by antimicrobial foil

ČSOB’s bank motto is “to invest in things that make sense and have heart”.  At Gergonne Slovensko, we are convinced that this is not just a password and advice for their clients. ČSOB thinks of its employees and customers and has itself invested in things that make sense and have heart in right side: the protective self-adhesive film COVERSAFE ™.

A large number of people visit the headquarters of the fourth largest bank in Slovakia every day. Employees who work here, clients, as well as business partners come here for key meetings and conferences. In the minds of people from ČSOB, it is natural to take preventive measures that protect against possible undesirable consequences before they can arise. And it’s not just about finances.

For a large number of people, there is a great risk of the transmission and spread of viruses and bacteria at the company’s headquarters. In the run-up to the upcoming flu season and in connection with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, ČSOB decided to invest in COVERSAFE ™. By applying the foils to more than 100 tables in the headquarters of this bank, a preventive measure was taken, which makes sense. However, by deploying this protection before the outbreak of any crisis, they also showed their hearts – because they really care about their employees and clients.

COVERSAFE ™ self-adhesive film is unique with its top layer of microsphere with antiviral and antibacterial effect. It is developed on the basis of natural mineral microparticles of zinc. Those on the surface catalytically react with water particles in the air, resulting in long-term bacterial and viral decontamination for several years. However, unlike other solutions, the mineral materials used here do not release health-threatening substances into the air. The microspheres are not consumed and the efficiency is permanent. Within the first hour after application, they eliminate 90% of bacteria and viruses, while in the following days, permanent removal of 99.9% of them persists.

COVERSAFE ™ can find a wide range of applications in office spaces as well as public places such as ATM touch screens or branches and client centers. It has its place wherever a large number of people grind every day and repeated disinfection of the premises is time-consuming, financially and labor-intensive. With COVERSAFE ™ you invest in assets – and you can leave exposed surfaces to the self-cleaning mechanism 24 hours a day.