Questions & Answers

Health and safety

Coversafe is an adhesive film that continuously destroys bacteria, viruses, yeast and mold. Once applied to the surface, it will retain its properties for years (tested over 4 years). If you see a blue coversafe sticker on your countertop, door handle or touchscreen, you don’t have to be worried about microbes any more.

Thanks to the revolutionary Pylote technology made of mineral ceramic microspheres, Coversafe releases free oxygen compounds, which are lethal for bacteria, viruses and molds. If you want to learn more about how the foil works, click here.

Coversafe presents no danger to humans or animals. It does not irritate the skin and is not toxic for your body. See the test results here.

You can eat food that was in contact with Coversafe. The active ingredients in Coversafe are captive, they are not transmitted to anything you place on the surface. See the test results here

Availability and use

Click here to see the list of resellers. You can order Coversafe from any of them.

Coversafe can be used to protect any surface where it fits. For example, tables, desks, countertops, school furniture, door handles, handrails on stairs or in public transportation, elevator buttons, bay windows or glass doors, etc. Click here to see more examples.

Coversafe is easy to install and it is delivered with 1 application squeegee (for rolls), 1 user manual and some highlighting labels. Click here to see the videos showing installation.


COVERSAFE™ is a near invisible protective plastic film, so it is not always easy to notice if a surface is protected or not. If in doubt look for the blue COVERSAFE™ stickers on the surface, or ask your supervisor at work / staff in the store.

The active ingredients in Coversafe do not get consumed and don’t evaporate over time. As long as you can feel the plastic film on your surface, you are protected, even several years after installation. See the test results here.  If the plastic film has peeled off, is damaged or torn, it needs to be changed.

As long as you can see or feel the plastic film on the surface, you’re protected.

Surfaces equipped with Coversafe should not be covered with dust or heavy soiling, otherwise its antimicrobial activity will be reduced or completely eliminated in the worst case.

Coversafe is not affected by normal household cleaning products like bleach, alcohol or peroxide. See the test results here. Normal cleaning products can be used to keep the surface nice and clean.

The active ingredients in Coversafe are not affected by outside conditions. However, the plastic film can deteriorate faster in outside conditions, and may need to be changed more often.

Coversafe acts immediately after installation. It works continuously without any loss of efficacy over time.

There is no catch. Coversafe relies on a safe mechanism to destroy microbes. It is the result of over 10 years of research conducted in the French National Research Laboratories (CNRS). It is safe to humans and animals. It works continuously and its effect does not stop as long as the film is there on the surface to protect.