First installation in Italy

ANTICORONAVIRUS FILM IN SALERNO. Nonprofit organization Universo Humanitas is now safer thanks to antimicrobial film that destroys Coronavirus.

COVERSAFE has finally arrived to Italy. It is an antimicrobial film that destroys bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus. It can be applied on any surface and its effectiveness is longer than 4 years. Coversafe is composed by natural microspheres that make it safe for the environment and for humans; furthermore, there is no risk of contact with food.

This film is manufactured in France by the cooperation between the companies GERGONNE INDUSTRIE and PYLOTE. GERGONNE is a specialist of adhesive solutions in all sectors, including in the medical field, while Pylote operates in industrial chemistry, with the production of natural microspheres. Pylote has worked for the last 10 years on Coversafe, achieving all the certificates to be able finally to launch it on the market. Purchasing by major retail chains and companies has been accelerated due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Coversafe is already present in the rest of Europe, as well as in the United States, Asia and North Africa. Now it’s also ready for Italian market. Those who visit the Anti-covid center installed in Salerno city by the Universo Humanitas organization will have the opportunity to feel safer since there is Coversafe on surfaces they will touch. Strongly desired by the local President of Humanitas Roberto Schiavone, as he declares: “When I knew about Coversafe and its natural components that make it safe for humans, I asked to have it in the humanitas facilities as soon as possible. We constantly disinfect everything we touch because the health and protection of our citizens. Coversafe will be the guarantee the safety that we are looking for. “

The installation was done by Gerardo Buonomo, who has been working in Gergonne for more than three years. “I’m happy to come to Italy and find our blue stickers on tables, door handles and handrails. It means that there is coversafe to protect us. Coversafe is already installed in many restaurants, schools, hospitals, offices and public transport. It is a benefit to offer to the clients. They can feel safer. And in this period where disinfection has become an essential necessity, Coversafe also allows you to save time and money by cleaning everything several times per day. As it constantly works to destroys all bacteria and viruses that remain in contact. In addition it is totally invisible, so it doesn’t even ruin the aesthetics of the environment.”

Erika Noschese Cronachesalerno.it 22-december-2020