To protect employees: Hern’s choice

The metalworking and machine engineering firm HERN s.r.o. is of the biggest companies in Orava region. Firm’s core competence is the production of details and weldments for tractors, earth-moving and road construction machines, combine harvesters and agricultural equipment, as well as handling equipment and other machines.
Since its founding in 1954 the firm has seen a number of changes in its legal form and adaptations of its production program in the field of machine engineering.

Likewise, they had to adapt to the pandemic period in order to better protect their employees.
This is why they were among the first companies to invest in Coversafe, the antibacterial film that destroys bacteria and viruses. The film has also been successfully tested on SARS-CoV-2 which causes Covid-19.

GERGONNE SLOVENSKO initially went for a demo installation in the meeting room. Subsequently they decided to make a commercial order for the offices and canteen.
So to install Coversafe in strategic points of the company, frequented by Hern employees and visitors.

The installation was managed thanks to HERN’s Human Resources Manager Vladimir Hrivnak. His intention is to protect company employees. Here is his interview.