Liberec: COVERSAFE™ in public transport

Liberec transport company is preparing further investments to increase passenger safety in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic. The contact surfaces of buses and trams are covered with special antimicrobial foil COVERSAFE™.  Coversafe film will be installed in the most exposed areas, such as door bars, handles and touch screens, and should continuously eliminate up to 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. Liberec will be the first city in the Czech Republic to completely solve the protection of its passengers.

COVERSAFE™ will be installed in all 100 buses and 60 trams operated by DPMLJ. Despite the fact that the transport company invests in passenger safety by regularly treating vehicles with ozone and cleaning disinfectants, it decided to replace part of the measure with a more systemic solution in the form of the application of antimicrobial film.

In addition to increasing safety, COVERSAFE™ can also affect the psyche of passengers and can help them return to public transport more easily.

COVERSAFE™ film has been successfully tested by a transport company since November 2020 in a tram No.39.

foto: Jiří Částka, www.MediaFoto.

The most common types of surfaces to which COVERSAFE™ is applied include tables, partitions, handles, touch screens, etc. It is the touch screens of vending machine terminals that are one of the applications chosen by the Liberec transport company. Furthermore, the foil will cover metal handles for holding passengers in buses and trams.

French technology destroys viruses and bacteria continuously  

The technology is based on the action of zinc microspheres in the foil, which react with air humidity and generate free radicals, which, on the principle of oxidation, eliminate the membranes of viruses and bacteria. The whole process is based on nature and takes place continuously and without loss of efficiency over time. Guaranteed protection exceeds 4 years. In addition, recent tests have confirmed that antibacterial film have been shown to destroy the SARS-COV-2 virus causing COVID-19. In addition, the film is effective against influenza and listeria viruses, E. coli and salmonella, germs or fungi.

foto: Jiří Částka, www.MediaFoto.

COVERSAFE helps elsewhere

Representatives of Liberec city management see the potential of using COVERSAFE ™ film in other public places, especially in education and offices. The ambition of GERGONNE ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA is to continue to raise awareness of this clever solution and offer it wherever it can contribute to the protection of people.