Paris-Orly passengers safer by Coversafe

Paris-Orly airport protects passengers by choosing Coversafe adhesive antimicrobial film.

With fewer restrictions and more travel opportunities, the risks of contamination multiply in transport areas.

CoversafeTM continuously destroys viruses, bacteria, germs and molds. It drastically reduces the risk of touch contamination. This antimicrobial adhesive film is effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Also Coversafe works against other more common diseases like flu and gastroenteritis. Find out more about our antimicrobial film made by Gergonne by clicking here!

For this reason, ADP group equipped 2,700 luggage trolleys at Paris-Orly airport. Thanks to Pylote‘s natural and patented technology, passengers can travel with peace of mind, without risk of contamination!

Paris-Orly airport protects travelers and they trust in Coversafe antimicrobial film.

Paris-Orly airport protects passengers by equipping its luggage trolleys with Coversafe antimicrobial film
Paris Orly airport protects passengers by antimicrobial adhesive film