Tatras: COVERSAFE™ now protects You

The arrival of a new type of coronavirus in Europe in 2020 meant, among other things, that Slovaks largely decided to spend their summer vacation at home. This was also felt by the High Tatras, where attendance increased significantly during the summer. Not only mountain trails were very popular, but also the modes of transport to them – such as the cableway to Hrebienok. The situation was similar in the local catering facilities of Tatry Mountain Resorts (TMR).

However, the successful summer season in the Tatras was suddenly ruined by a single report. One of the chefs in the catering facility in Hrebienok tested positive for COVID-19. This immediately changed the situation and the thriving business premises had to be closed overnight. All colleagues had to go to quarantine.

“We performed a comprehensive disinfection by a certified company throughout the building. At the same time, all colleagues had to passed the speed test, while their results, as well as the subsequent testing in the form of PCR, were negative “, says the director of the High Tatras mountain resort, Dušan Slavkovský. The actions taken were consulted with the staff of the Regional Office of Public Health, who confirmed that the tourist center meets the strictest hygiene standards and was reopened.

However, the closure and negative reports did not only affect the missing revenue. Once again, the company needed to build a good reputation with customers, take it a step further to reassure them that it cared more about their health than ever before. At that time, she was also approached by Gergonne Slovensko sales representatives with an offer to apply a new innovative product – COVERSAFE ™ self-adhesive film. The company decided to go into joint cooperation.

“The film uses basic natural and revolutionary technology that prevents the transmission of any pathogens (viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi) and thanks to this revolutionary technology can independently destroy in one hour 90% of all microbes on the surface. Subsequently, it holds the long-term level of pathogen elimination at 99.9%. The film is not cytotoxic (does not damage human cells) and is therefore absolutely safe for humans and the environment. This was also confirmed by tests in accredited laboratories, “says Andrej Ďurica, area sales manager for COVERSAFE ™.

COVERSAFE ™ works on the principle of combining a quality self-adhesive film from the Gergonne Slovensko product portfolio and the result of ten years of research by the French startitup company Pylote. It adds a microsphere with antiviral and antibacterial effect to the top layer of the film.

The layer of minerals formed by powder pyrolysis reacts on the surface with atmospheric moisture and forms reactive oxygen particles. They use oxidation to destroy microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses (including coronavirus), fungi and yeast. The microspheres are not consumed and the efficiency is permanent. They are resistant to all common cleaning agents.

The application of foil on tables, counters or handles and other contact surfaces now protects all visitors of Hrebienok. It also has its additional benefits. The foil protects these areas from damage and abrasion, thus maintaining the value of the company’s property for a long time. It is aesthetically undisturbed and the investment in this protection will be effective for at least the next 4 years.

“A great advantage is the timeless thinking of clients who buy this film for their operation and place of business. COVERSAFE ™ is not a protection against a single virus. As humanity and society evolve, we can expect other types of viruses and bacteria to emerge, which are the natural enemies of man in nature. With COVERSAFE ™ you protect your employees and customers in advance against them,” adds Andrej Ďurica.

Tatry Mountain Resorts was so satisfied with the application that it subsequently expanded the COVERSAFE ™ application from gastronomic establishments to retail as well as public transport. Today, you can also find a protective foil in the Tatry Motion store, or on the touch surfaces and handles in the modern cableway to Hrebienok, where it protects all passengers and visitors of the High Tatras.