Stop virus spread in the school

The schools are reopening too. During those two last years everything is changing in our lives: we are much more careful to protect us and people we love.

The pictures come from Milan Rúfus primary school in Závažná Poruba.

New disinfection solutions are being studied everywhere that can make you feel more protected from viruses and bacteria. For our children that they can be free to move around the school without any risk.

Many companies and commercial activities are moving forward with the design of new antimicrobial products that can guarantee greater safety for employees and visitors.
Among the many, there is a product made by GERGONNE SLOVENSKO that through all the necessary tests is proving effective. It is an adhesive film that can be glued to any surface: tables, door mangles, flights of stairs … everything that people touch more frequently when they leave the house and that in the new Covid era creates many concerns for the transmission of bacteria.
In fact, this film, Coversafe, is antimicrobial. It means that it kills all bacteria and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2, virus that causes Covid-19) present on the surface in a few minutes. After application, the resistance and action on the surface is guaranteed for more than 4 years. It is also safe for the skin, thanks to its natural and biocompatible technology and is absolutely invisible.
Thanks to Coversafe, commercial activities and companies can guarantee a benefit that we really need in the new era: greater safety and hygiene against bacteria.
GERGONNE SLOVENSKO is a global supplier in the automotive sector. Founded in 2005 as a branch of a French company, GERGONNE INDUSTRIE, it has grown over the years and currently works in the extension of its structure in Liptovsky Mikulas.

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