Toyota: employees protected by Coversafe

The company protects its employees by trusting Coversafe.

Microbial contamination in our workplace can create real problems. Never before we have been aware that microbes create problems and that is why we must limit their spread.

Coversafe,antimicrobial film manufactured by Gergonne Industrie, protects all your surfaces discreetly, but effectively. It integrates Pylote technology, 100% natural and safe for humans. Without metal ions, this antimicrobial film is safe and can be applied to all types of surfaces.

Toyota protects its employees by equipping all areas with strong contact points in the company to ensure a safer environment.

Several sizes are available to meet your needs. What are you waiting for? Protect your employees by equipping your premises with Coversafe antimicrobial film!  Contact us to know more.

Tables covered by Coversafe to protect employees
Chairs covered by Coversafe to protect employees